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Zicong Xu, Hoch International Trading


My name is Zicong Xu and I am the founder of Hoch International Trading Co Ltd.

My mission is to be the partner for companies that want to import quality products from China and help them find trusted suppliers.


I was born in Weihai, a beautiful coastal town located in northern China.

My parents are cops, but I have not inherited the vocation of being a cop, from a very young age my dream was to learn languages and meet people from other corners of the world.

For this reason at the age of 19 I went to study in Spain and after spending five years there, I returned to China with a master’s degree from the UAB.

I started working as a sales representative in the export department for a Chinese company that manufactures medical equipment (and it was a super company that every day to get out of work, the cars of the employees set up a 10-minute jam).

I was in charge of the markets of Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina and helped the company export dozens of containers. But I did not conform, I have a restless character, an entrepreneurial spirit, I wanted to do things that really make me feel fulfilled….

Zicong Xu, Hoch International Trading
Mapa mundi

For this reason, seeing that many local companies that have been suppliers for Japanese companies for decades, which are very demanding with quality, are limited to exporting to a few markets in the world due to the language barrier, especially almost none of them export to the Spanish-speaking market, I decided to found this company and do my bit.

Oh, and I’m not alone, at the core of my team is my wife who also studied in Europe. I met my wife the second year in the Iberian Peninsula. By chance in life, my better half that I met at the other end of the world is from the same province as me.

I prefer to be present in every process. I took this photo myself by changing the packaging labels next to the workers of one of my suppliers, due to a modification made by chinese customs for the export of masks.




If you want to import quality products from China, we will be your partner in this Asian country. We will monitor each manufacturing and shipping process to ensure that your merchandise comes to fruition.

We will ensure the quality of the products and help you get a better price from manufacturers.

We are Chinese and we speak English and Spanish very well, this ensures that we will have effective communication.

You'll have someone you trust in China, so you save yourself coming to China with an interpreter every year and avoid the risk of misunderstandings caused by misunderstandings and cultural differences.